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Borgo Pignano 

Dear Travel Partners,

I have recently returned from Borgo Pignano, Waterstone’s amazing Tuscan estate a few minutes outside of Voltera. Every time I return to this wonderful slice of heaven I fall deeper for it. Why? For many, many reasons but primarily I believe, it’s because Borgo Pignano is a true and authentic expression of everything Tuscany. This is not a "Disneyland" version of Tuscany, Borgo Pignano is natural, harmonious and infinitely true to its roots. Everything at Borgo Pignano seems perfectly in synthesis with its environment, its history and culture.

The first thing that strikes you about Borgo Pigano is its scope. The estate sits on 750 acres of pure Tuscan bliss. Forests, streams, orchards, vineyards and rows of olive trees. The landscape is pure perfection.

Borgo Pignano traces its heritage to 1139 and today is a very successful luxury hotel. There’s that word again…..luxury. What is it? Of course it is quite subjective but to me, the word speaks to an elemental connection to a place. A feeling of unanimity and honesty. This is what a guest receives at Borgo Pignano. If you’re looking for wide screen TV’s in the rooms, this is not the place for you. If you appreciate eating pasta made from organic wheat grown on the estate itself, THEN Borgo Pignano makes sense to you. THAT is luxury in my book. To that you must add a long list of “feel good” experiences: sincere smiles, a lovely art gallery, cooking classes with genuine hosts, wine tastings, yoga, horseback riding and so much more…..all right on their premises.

Luciano Lusardi is the CEO of Borgo Pignano. He is a veteran hotelier with a keen eye for customer service. His effusive enthusiasm for Borgo Pignano is contagious. He marshals a fantastic group of professionals who with little fanfare go about making your stay a truly magical experience. From Vincenzo, the amazing chef, to Francesco, the master mixologist, to Antonio the beekeeper….yes, they have their own beekeeper, the team at Borgo Pignano is all about sharing their Tuscan Haven with your guests…….authentically.

Here is a brief photo tour of my favorite Borgo Pignano experiences:       


Welcome to Borgo Pignano


A room in the main villa

Private, villas, cottages and maisonettes

"Villa Pignano Restaurant" - their restaurant which offers an innovative menu using only organic ingredients

Francesco - their incredible master mixologist who knows exactly what you want to drink before you even do yourself

While I was at Borgo Pignano, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in this season's grape harvest. It was a truly amazing day - the theme of which was established early on when we had wine and cheese for breakfast. 

I have only scratched the surface of what I was able to experience at Borgo Pignano, and I'd love share more about this "Tuscan Haven" with you. Contact me using my details below should you want to connect. 

I thank you very much for reading and wish you the best, 



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