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We are proud to present this next issue in our series focusing on the people, culture and communities that make up our diverse Waterstone Collection. Throughout the series we will continue to introduce you to people who are passionate ambassadors for their local cultures and communities. In this edition we focus on the President of Travelive (our fantastic DMC in Europe and the Mediterranean), Mina Agnos. Mina's insight below focuses on Greece, where Travelive originated, however they also provide services in Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Egypt and Italy.

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“I started my career in the travel industry as an IC selling Greece. Incredibly frustrated and discouraged by the challenges I was facing trying to arrange the best experiences for my clients, I decided to move to Greece to personally create the services I felt were missing. This is how Travelive came to be 20 years ago, and today, through the support of both the travel advisor community and our hardworking team of experts, we have grown to serve not only Greece but also Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Egypt and Italy. Travelive is here to offer you true local expertise, real-time support and tried and tested services based on your clients’ needs and budget - and in their preferred currency. We are here to be an extension of your business and we appreciate every opportunity we are given to make your job easier and your clients’ travels better.”

 Mina Agnos
President, Travelive

I’ve been really excited to see advisors and clients opting for more off-the-radar islands and destinations with rich, unique cultures. Some such destinations that come to mind are the Peloponnese region, located in southern Greece just 2.5 hours from Athens, and the island of Paros, which is a part of the Cyclades.
I particularly love the Peloponnese because of the variety of its offerings, from delicious farm-to-table cuisine to innovative spa experiences and UNESCO World Heritage sites like Ancient Olympia, Epidaurus and Mystras. Here, even in villages where people hardly speak a word of English, they will welcome you with open arms. Days in the Peloponnese are best spent exploring wine regions, olive groves and local farms, learning the tricks and traditions of Greek cuisine from a local ‘Yiayia’ (Greek for grandmother), or experiencing self-transformation and healing at one of the region’s holistic spas such as Euphoria Retreat in Mystras.

Paros is one of my favorite islands because it represents the essence of the Cyclades and reminds me of Santorini and Mykonos before they became “it” destinations. Charming seaside towns with whitewashed houses, postcard-worthy villages, superb hotels like Parilio and its soon to be open younger sibling Cosme, a plethora of pristine beaches, great restaurants, cute boutiques, and just enough nightspots to make it vibrant and not overly bustling.

1. Exploring Milos, its untouched beaches, blue caves, and unforgettable lunar landscape by boat. Milos is a sailor’s paradise and no trip to this island or even on the neighboring islands is complete without a day-long sea adventure because the best and most memorable parts of this island can only be accessed by boat

2. Hiking through village routes and along the Byzantine Way in Paros. Not only does this hike take you back in time as you are passing the remains of once-grand Byzantine buildings, but you are also rewarded with a spectacular view once you reach your destination.
3. Home Cooking Experience in Naxos. One of the only self-sustainable islands in Greece in terms of food production, this Cycladic Island is a foodie’s dream.

4. Ancient Wine Making Traditions in Crete. Crete is a smorgasbord of experiences and a destination in itself. The history of wine in Crete and its bonds with the island have deep roots, dating back even before the Homeric epics all the way to the Minoan times. The oldest wine press in the world (3500 years old) was found in the region of Vathipetro so if you are an oenophile, this experience is a must.

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