Dear Friends of Thailand
Thailand is pleased to report that through a continued professional and coordinated approach among all relevant public and private sector agencies, the country continues to be successful in identifying and treating all those who have been affected by the NOVID-19 coronavirus. Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia have recorded less than 110 confirmed cases collectively – of which, 70 people have made a full recovery.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand wishes to thank the thousands of tourists who continue to travel to Thailand during this period.  We wish to assure you that Thailand remains open for business.  Thailand is ready and properly equipped to receive all visitors.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand remains committed to ensuring that you receive factual information as it pertains to travel to Thailand.  We therefore would like to provide clarity regarding a retracted statement from yesterday evening by the Ministry of Health in Thailand that was picked up by mainstream media and has caused confusion. In it, GermanyFranceItalyIranChinaTaiwanMacauHong KongSingapore, Japan and South Korea were classified as "high risk" and the announcement stated that travelers coming from these areas would be quarantined. The Prime Minister's Office subsequently denied this and stated that no such policy is being imposed.

The following are the facts:

  • The Thai Government has published a list of high risk countries.  These are South Korea, China, Macao, Hong Kong, Italy and Iran.  No compulsory quarantine is required unless someone arriving from these countries shows symptoms.
  • Countries no longer classified as high risk by Thailand are:  Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, France, Germany, Vietnam and Malaysia.  Passengers arriving from these countries are not considered a risk and will not face mandatory self-quarantine.
We encourage you to keep in close contact with your partners on the ground in Thailand.  DMC partners, for example, send out daily briefings which are highly informative.

For additional information, or to speak to a representative here in the US, please call:  1800 THAILAND.

Warmest regards

Charinya Kiatlapnachai
TAT – NY Office.

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