Targeted Email: Advisor Specific
taCONNECT’s unique technology offers targeted email marketing to a highly engaged audience of active verified Travel Advisors. Each Travel Advisor’s contact and business profile has personally been verified and updated by each Advisor within the last 8 months, delivering the most current Travel Advisor opt-in database.
  • Engaged database of 100,000+ U.S. and Canadian Travel Advisors, 100% opt-in to the taNETWORK.
  • Extremely high open and click-thru rates.
  • Unique ability to purge your Travel Advisor contacts from our opt-in list. NO WASTE!
  • Unique ability to target Travel Advisors by; Sales Specialty, Affiliation, Location and more!
Rate: $30 CPM (cost per thousand) Minimum Spend: $400 (applicable for non-TARM partners) Click Here for more information about our taCONNECT TARM solution. Please inquire with your sales representative for a quote to email your targeted audience.
Target your message:
Mile Radius Search:
  • Display creative and subject line due a minimum of 7 business days prior to campaign start.
  • Send date availability must be confirmed prior to insertion order.
  • Advertiser is responsible for rich media and third party ad serving fees.
  • Advertiser may cancel the scheduled email within 14 days prior with a written notice to your sales representative.
  • Cancelling less than 14 days before scheduled email could result in a $250 cancellation fee.
  • 60 hours after the send, you will receive via email a taCONNECT Report/Invoice.
  • Results reporting are: total received, total opened, total clicked on url.
  • Payment terms and methods are also outlined.
  • Format of the email should not exceed 720 pixels wide.
  • Total page weight not to exceed 240k.
  • All images and graphics should be 72dpi and formatted .jpg, .png or .gif.
  • Image calls should be absolute URLs (e.g., " http://www. " or " https://www. ").
  • Images must be hosted by you. If you cannot host images, taCONNECT can at an additional fee of $90.
  • Inline CSS accepted.
  • Restrictions: not permitted use of CSS (cascading style sheets), javascript, flash/rich media.
  • DO NOT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING IN YOUR EMAIL: OPT OUT LANGUAGE & LINK, FOOTER WITH YOUR COMPANY ADDRESS INFORMATION, AND “CLICK TO VIEW ONLINE” HEADER. These three components of the email are automatically applied by our email platform.
  • Your logo on a white or transparent background with a height between 100-200 pixels high.
  • Email format required is a final HTML file (.html or .htm)
  • Provide a Subject line of the email. We do not permit the use of emoticons / images in the subject line.
  • Submit email address(es) of individual(s) to receive proof and final email
  • Resubmission of new creative (after a test email is sent for your approval) may be subject to a fee. Additionally, the deployment of your scheduled email may be delayed.
  • Our team does not modify submitted HTML code. If your HTML code needs to be modified in any way, your creative team will need to modify. If our team is needed to modify your HTML code, a fee will apply.
  • Should you need assistance in the creation of your HTML email, we offer Creative Services starting at $125/hour. Please inquire with your Client Success Manager or Sales Representative.
QUESTIONS? Contact Shaun Whitley