A Paradise of Hot Springs

Hailed as a "paradise of hot springs" by the New York Times, Beitou, a small town in Taiwan, boasts bountiful natural resources and a rich history.

Located at the foot of the Yangmingshan National Park, Beitou is an old neighborhood that has been recognized as one of Taiwan’s classic small towns. It is also a mere half-hour subway ride away from Taipei, making it the perfect tourist spot for a one-day trip or a longer vacation. In particular, there are a wide range of hot spring baths in Beitou, such as traditional bathhouses, luxury hot spring hotels, and outdoor hot springs. Visitors can also find three distinct types of hot springs here, including green sulfur, white sulfur, and iron sulfur springs.

Apart from hot springs, there are plenty of other historical and cultural attractions in Beitou. Must-visit attractions include the Hot Spring Museum, Beitou Museum, Thermal Valley, and Plum Garden, as well as the Beitou Public Library, which is Taiwan’s first green library and famous for its award-winning architecture. Hot springs, old streets, and special cultural exhibits make Beitou a recommended tourist destination and a three-star Michelin green attraction. For more information on the hot springs in Beitou and throughout Taiwan, please visit the Taiwan Hot Spring Website.

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