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1.Both an All-Inclusive Dolphin Swim Package and a Day Resort Package include all of the following except:

2.When guests add this park, they receive unlimited admission and parking to all 3 parks during their stay.

3.Guests will feel right at home under the sea in this underwater walking tour of the Grand Reef.

4. Minors must be over this age in order to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove.

5.Parking is free at Discovery Cove:

6.A Discovery Cove Vacation Package booked at an Official Hotel of SeaWorld includes all of the following benefits, with the exception of:

7.Private cabanas are available for an additional fee and come complete with a host/hostess, comfortable seating for up to 8 guests, stocked refrigerator, private locker, snacks and towel service.

8.Guests can discover hundreds of colorful birds soaring above and around them and even nibble fruit from their hand in this Signature Experience.

9.Travel advisor resources can be found here:

10.What is the standard commission for travel agents on select SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment products?

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